Signature by WA

Bio Art Hair Care Products LLC (Signature by WA) founded by Dr Wissam Adada a renowned aesthetic and hair expert, Based in Dubai, UAE, we are known and trusted for our premium quality products. A brand which develops products from world-class research and attempts to solve your daily hair problems. Naturally and holistically better than the rest.

Signature by WA is about complete wellness for your hair and scalp, from the inside out. Healthy hair does not happen overnight – it happens over time. And it is not just about the products you use – it is about how you look after yourself.

Our approach encompasses enhancing the nutrition for hair care and general wellness; using products specifically formulated through cold-process technology for your hair texture and condition and making sure you care for your scalp.

We know how important your hair is to your self-esteem. It is our mission to help you feel good about yourself through our science and wellness-led hair care. Our award-winning products, together with our specialist expert Dr Wissam Adada, provide the science and the care to support life-changing hair.