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Before founding Signature by WA, Dr. Wissam Adada built his career as a world-renowned aesthetic doctor.
He dug into the research, perfected his process, and designed powerful hair loss treatments for everyone. Now you can access medical-grade, clinically proven ingredients at home

—A Better Way to Care for Your Hair!

Cold Process

Unlike heat process technology which diminishes the efficacy of natural active ingredients in your hair care products while increasing toxicity, we use cold process technology.
Our technology mixes ingredients in temperatures that do not exceed 68°F. During the mixing process, cold process technology eliminates the need for toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and silicone. This allows us to create all-natural, long-term formulas that would enable our active ingredients to shine, like apple extract.
All our hair products are made with apple extract, and research shows that a concentration of just 0.1% apple extract benefits hair growth by 80%. We can preserve the benefits of apple extract and other ingredients through cold process technology

Explore Ingredients

Scutellaria baicalensis :
is a powerhouseingredient that prevents hair loss and increases density

Vegan extracts:
from apples can speed up the renewal process for faster growth

Amino acids:
prevent breakage and brittleness with integrated elasticity

Natural lipids :
and plant-based oils repair the moisture barrier from root to tip

Hydrolyzed proteins :
sheath and protect hair for thicker, moisture-rich volume

Wheat germ: extract helps to strengthen damaged hair follicles with added shine

Peppermint: and other essential oils energize the scalp with more blood flow

Follow the Process

Clinically Proven

ingredients are picked by hand and tested over time

Cold process technology

Preserves the active nutrients and benefit

Raw, vegan botanicals

Are combined without any fillers or synthetics

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